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Cleanfi Oy

Cleanfi Oy is a company providing cradle to gate life cycle assessment services for quantifying the carbon foot print and other environmental impacts of various activities, e.g., industry, energy, electricity generation and transportation.

The assessed environmental impacts are:

  • Global warming potential (GWP)
  • Depletion potential of the stratospheric ozone layer (ODP)
  • Acidification potential (AP)
  • Formation potential of tropospheric ozone photochemical oxidants (POCP)
  • Eutrophication potential (EP)
  • Air toxicity (AT)
  • Water toxicity (WT)
  • Hazardous waste production (HWP)
  • Particulate emissions
  • SO2 emissions
  • NOx emissions
  • Methane emissions
  • N2O emissions
  • Non-methane hydrocarbon emissions
  • CO emissions
  • High-level nuclear waste (HLW)
  • Medium- and low-level nuclear waste (MLW+LLW)
  • Petroleum consumption
  • Energy depletion

Photovoltaic report

Life-cycle impacts of Tesla Model S 85 and Volkswagen Passat: environment, carbon footprint, resource depletion – United States

Global warming (gCO2e/km) potential of different transport optionsGlobal warming (gCO2e/km) potential of different transport options