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Cleanfi Oy

Cleanfi Oy is a company providing cradle to gate life cycle assessment services for quantifying the carbon footprint and other environmental impacts of various activities, e.g., industry, energy, electricity generation and transportation. The life cycle assessment models and tools are developed by DSc Kimmo Klemola. He has a long university background and he has worked e.g. as a chemical engineering professor. 

We have built-in greenhouse gas calculation tools to following fields:

  • Electricity and heat generation: electricity mixes, combined heat and power

  • Golf course carbon footprint

  • Transportation and transportation fuel greenhouse gas emissions, including electric vehicles and all stages (materials, manufacturing, end-of-life, fuel processing and driving)

  • Public transport: e.g. cost and environmental comparison of diesel buses, biodiesel buses, e-buses and biogas buses. 

Photovoltaic report

Life-cycle impacts of Tesla Model S 85 and Volkswagen Passat: environment, carbon footprint, resource depletion – United States

Global warming (gCO2e/km) potential of different transport optionsGlobal warming (gCO2e/km) potential of different transport options